Effective Carbon Strategies for Western Canada

At Strategic HSE Systems Inc., we know that corporate programs and policies designed to respond to climate change can bring value to your core business as well as to the environment. To help you realize that value, we offer strategy, implementation, management and communications services to maximize your company’s returns in the context of both business and sustainability goals.

The sale of environmental services is an emerging global market with a wide array of quantification methods, standards of accountancy and market structures being encountered. At present, most markets are voluntary in nature. For example, quantification and trading are not regulated by government nor are credits eligible for meeting or defraying regulatory obligations on the part of industrial actors.

We offer consulting services for offset credit development, including:

  • Quantification protocol development
  • Offset project analysis and development
  • Offset project documentation and certification support
  • Carbon and related market analysis
  • Greenhouse gas strategy development

Quantification of environmental services must recognize and address the challenges inherent to drawing economic value from ecosystem functions. This generally is undertaken by using protocols (predefined and vetted methodologies) to quantify environmental services. The Clean Development Mechanism and the International Standards Organization (ISO) provide guidance on protocol requirements. Using offsets to bring common goods into the economy depends on accurate, repeatable quantification.

We have and are currently participating in various protocol development initiatives with the Alberta Offset System, including:

  • North American Forest Carbon Standard Committee
  • Direct Reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Arising from Changes in Forest Harvest Practices
  • Fuel Switching Protocol Development
  • Transportation Efficiency Protocol Development
  • Biomass to Energy Protocol Revision
  • Enhanced Forest Management Carbon Protocol
  • Afforestation and Conservation Protocol Development
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