Professional Health Care Services

The use of illegal drugs, alcohol, medications and other substances can adversely affect job performance, the safety of employees and the people they work with. Employees and contractors are required to report to work in fit mental and physical condition to perform their work. Certain positions held by employees and contractors may be designated as safety-sensitive. Individuals in these positions are required to pass a drug and alcohol test as a condition of certification into the position in order to maintain their contract obligations with respect to adhering to company and client policies.

Strategic HSE Systems Inc. offers drug and alcohol testing technologies, including oral fluids and urine testing for all your pre-employment, pre-access and random sampling requirements. Samples for drug testing are collected by our highly trained Licensed Practical Nurse and, in the case of urine laboratory testing, samples are analyzed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)-approved labs to ensure a gold standard.

Strategic HSE Systems’ in-house Company Nurse also provides mobile in-home foot care services, including:

Skeleton of foot
  • Preventative
  • Diabetic
  • Basic and advanced
  • Nail clipping and filing
  • Treating corns and calluses
  • Management of ingrown and thickened nails

Clients are required to have their own foot care tools. These can be purchased at local pharmacies or you can download our list of foot care tools.

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