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Since 2006, businesses and government organizations have trusted Strategic HSE Systems Inc. for experienced, up-to-date environmental compliance and oversight services. We’re proud to have satisfied customers in Alberta, British Columbia and throughout New Brunswick. Read testimonials below from a few of our satisfied clients and contact us today to learn how we can serve your forestry needs!

Added Value beyond Our Expectations

Excel Transportation Inc.

Sam has been an asset to our health and safety program. His diverse knowledge, expertise and network have added value above and beyond our original expectations.

-Annie Horning, C.A.

General Manager / CEO at Excel Transportation Inc.

Prince George, AB

Auditing Expertise in the Natural Resources Sector

JEDROC Consulting Services Ltd.

I have worked with Samuel as a colleague over the last seven years, Samuel has worked on projects for me providing auditing expertise in the natural resources sector. I would highly recommend him for projects involving the environment or health and safety.

-Robert Volkman

Senior Advisor, JEDROC Consulting Services

Detailed Work, Significant Results


I worked with Sam Elkins for six years and can only speak highly of his skills. Through his detailed work, Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd. obtained and maintained several national and international forest certifications and built and maintained our environmental management systems. He recently developed a provincial emission offset protocol through which our company was able to make significant emission offset sales.

-Joerg Goetsch

Chief Forester / General Manager of External Affairs, DMI

High Degree of Grit & Determination


Sam mixes a good blend of strategic forethought and tactical activity. He takes challenges head-on and leads from the front. Sam comes across as a professional with a very high degree of grit and determination to learn and achieve against all odds. He is soft-spoken but firm and determined. He has a clear thought process and is confident in his actions.

-Adi Chindhy

Global Director, Fiber at Kimberly-Clark

Very Proactive


Samuel was a client of mine for two greenhouse gas offset projects. KPMG conducted the verification of two DMI projects for which Samuel was the project manager for DMI. I found Samuel to be very diligent in terms of the development of the offset projects as well as during the verification process. His attention to detail in the project plan and underlying project documentation was appreciated during the verification process. He was very proactive in assisting us during the verification to ensure the process ran smoothly.

Now that Samuel is a consultant, I would not hesitate to recommend him to companies looking for assistance with greenhouse gas offset projects or similar projects.

-Mike Armstrong

Manager, KPMG

Understood Both Sides


As the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) coordinator for Working Groups 1 and 4, I worked with Sam and other industry reps as well as a number of environmental organizations towards actioning the various commitments and tasks within those working groups. As an industry member, Sam was able to represent his company and the industry during some very intense negotiations with a goal towards finding solutions for all parties. Sam’s ability to understand the needs of both sides allowed him to suggest solutions that brought the parties together on a number of occasions. He was always the first to volunteer for sub-group discussions to work through especially touchy subjects and to bring a rational solution to the whole group for discussion and approval.

-Barry Walto

Independent Renewals & Environmental Professional, CBFA

Professional & Personal

Maubeni Corporation

I have known and worked with Sam Elkins for four years on both commercial and natural resource management projects. I have found Sam to be very professional and personal and his work to be detailed and exceptional. In particular, his ability to interpret, comprehend and communicate both governmental policy and non-governmental standards is outstanding. This is a skill few people have and as such, makes Sam a very valuable professional in the fields of compliance and training.

-Doug Kemmerley

Sales Manager at Marubeni Corporation

A Focus on Detail

Forest Practices Board

Sam has worked on several compliance audits for the Forest Practices Board, covering multiple auditees, many of which are oil and gas companies. Sam works well with our team and has a focus on detail and completing his portion of the audit in a timely manner. We continue to utilize Sam as one of our prequalified contractors.

-Chris Mosher

Director, Audits at Forest Practices Board

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